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Contact us today to find out how we can help you design the perfect Portable Building to fit your everyday needs and budget. When you’re searching for Affordable Portable Buildings you can feel confident and secure in our high quality workmanship at 4 Seasons Portable Buildings-Fayetteville

New Deluxe Cabins  painted and ready to go.

Come to the lot and check out all of our inventory available.


Located at:

5232 Robert C Byrd Dr, Mt hope WV 

Rent to Own 

Same as Cash

Free Delivery

Free Set Up

Within 30 mile radios

Addition charge of 4 dollars every mile after 30 However if you go just 10 miles over 30 I will absorb that charge.

5 Year Guarantee

No Down Payment  First month rent gets your beautiful building delivered

3-6 Days Guaranteed!! 2 1/2 weeks on Custom Orders

No material surcharge ever.

You can also contact us through Our Facebook page

4 Season Portable Buildings of West Virginia Factory


Get a Free Quote Locally Built Owned and Operated

4 Seasons offers great Rent-To-Own Options on all buildings, with NO CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED! Plus, with a great 13% discount this month, it's the perfect time to get the storage solution you need! Customize your space and make it your own! Order now and save big! Call today 304-923-3729!


Utility buildings and lofted barns are great places to store anything you need to  protect from weather or just to store decorations, lawnmowers or tools.

With unrivaled expert building and set up we  provide high quality portable buildings in many colors and sizes that meet every concern you have for storage.

Did you know adding a portable building adds value to your property?


When choosing a portable building join us with your creative outdoor living ideas and our multi-functional amenities  as we design your personal top of the line building



      About Our


   Custom Builds                    

           We have:


8x10 lofted barns


10x12 lofted barns

Buy inventory directly from factory.

Buy with cash

90 Days same as Credit

Rent to own 1 of our beautifullfly crafted high quality buildings.

Call Marciel at 1-304-923-3729

Factory Located @

336 Laurel Creek Rd

Fayetteville WV 25840

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